6 gang members charged


Six men, all allegedly involved with different gang groups in Belize City, were taken to court on Friday, August 9, 2019 to answer to the charge of being a member of a gang. The men are Brandon Jason Taylor, a 33-year-old construction worker; Dwayne Emil Evelyn, a 29-year-old car dealer; Ainsworth Keshawn Foreman, 22; Keshawn Gentle, a 30-year-old stevedore; Veris Ventura, 25; and Said Pike, 26. The first two are accused of being members of the George Street group while Foreman is accused of being a member of the Ghost Town Crip. The last three are accused of being members of South Side Gang.

Taylor, Evelyn, and Foreman were the first to be arraigned before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. Evelyn and Taylor both pleaded guilty and were imposed non-custodial sentences of $3,500. Their fines are to be paid in full by January 9, 2020 and if they default on their payments, they are facing three years in prison. Foreman pleaded not guilty to the charge and because he could not be offered bail, he was remanded until September 24, 2019. According to the police, they have been surveying Taylor and Evelyn since April 2, 2018 up until their arrest and arraignment in August 2019.

Gentle, Ventura, and Pike were arraigned before Magistrate Stephanie Gillett. Their case was adjourned until September 12, 2019 and they were remanded until then.