Pengereng launched in San Ignacio


Noted Belizean author Mrs. Ivory Kelly introduced her latest book “Pengereng” at the Wildfire Artzmosphere gallery at number one Waight Street in San Ignacio Town on Friday night. Guests were treated to Belizean music within a community space while learning about the contents of Pengereng.

Even before an appearance in San Ignacio, Mrs. Kelly noted in her post that Esperanza is the main setting for the story “Stillborn” that is presented in both English and Kriol.

From an introduction at the Image Factory art Foundation, its publisher, Pengereng is set in both Belize and the United States. The stories in Pengereng will resonate with readers worldwide as they probe into issues that are both universal and Belize specific.

We asked the teacher within the Languages and Literature Department at the University of Belize what the three receptions so far has been for her. Kelly said the they have been “very good. ”

Additionally, a couple lecturers at the University of Belize have indicated that they plan to use it as an assigned text in a literature and as well as a linguistics course this semester. “Equally important has been the enthusiastic support of some members of the Kriol Council, especially Dr. Silvaana Udz, who co-translated the Kriol story with me and read from it at the Belize City launch and Yvette Herrera who have very helpful editorial feedback on the Kriol usage in ‘Stilbaan.’ Additionally, Dale McDougall and Terry Gordon, who are both literate in Kriol and trained by the Kriol Council, provided assistance with the Kriol editing as well. All four of them were not only willing, but enthusiastic as well and were very open-minded about the fact that my usage choices sometimes deviated from their typical Kriol usage.”

Copies of Pengereng will be available for purchase online from Amazon, in both paperback and e-book by the end of this week. But for the meantime, they are now being sold from off the shelves at Brodies in Belize City; Dakers Stationery and Books in Belmopan; and at the Water Board Office in Sittee River Village.