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Friday, 07 June 2019 00:00

An Economic Development Forum to update stakeholders on the development of the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town municipalities was held on Monday at the Town Council’s Headquarters in San Ignacio. The forum was to share information on the accomplishments, projects in progress and plans.

Using state of the art visualizations, Mayor Earl Trapp was able to showcase his aims to making the Twin Towns beautiful, safe, clean and resilient while up-keeping it as the number one inland tourist destination in Belize. At the same time, with all of those efforts Mayor Tapp hopes to embark on projects which will foster economic and environmentally sustainable activities in the Municipality.

Mayor Trapp explained to the audience that last year, priority was placed on Requena Street behind the football stadium in Santa Elena to alleviate the residents from the inundations.  Workers from the Town Council have also been cleaning the drain behind Sacred Heart College to mitigate the flooding that occurs in that vicinity.

Mayor Trapp also acknowledged the work done by the Hon. Rene Montero, the Representative for Cayo Central in improving a large group of streets with drains, sidewalks and (state of the art) lights in Santa Elena.

“We are very much grateful for his dedication to his constituency which forms a part of the municipality,” he said.

Mayor Earl Trapp also reported on the current work being done by the Hon. Omar Figueroa, Representative for the Cayo North Division. With funding from the Caribbean Climate Change Center, a Resource and Resilience Center is now being constructed at the Victor Galvez Stadium in San Ignacio. This facility will be able to shelter 400 persons in times of emergency, will have a fully functional indoor sporting facility and will have the potential to serve as a NEMO operational headquarters. Also being constructed by the Hon. Figueroa is a multi-purpose health and fitness facility at the Teodosio Ochoa Park.

Now in the pipeline as described by Mayor Earl Trapp is the Macal Park Project, which entails sidewalks, starting from the Northeastern park of the current Macal Park to the Cahal Pech area. Being envisioned are paths with solar lights that will encourage residents and tourists to exercise. Already, Atlantic Bank has been committed to financing a facility within the Macal Park Project and Mayor Trapp also encourages other private sector members to do so as well.

With the assistance of the Belize Tourism Board another Macal River Project will be constructed across the Macal River on the Santa Elena side that will be fitted with a restaurant, family park and zip lining facilities. Also planned is a night market on the Santa Elena side of the Macal River where local artisans will be able to showcase their work.

But importantly, a proposal is now being made for a natural wetland that will be able to filter polluted water; before it enters the Macal River. Mayor Trapp reported that as recently as April the fourth of this year, an environmental and drinking water analysis report had concluded that “…the Macal River is at high risk of pollution.”  From one of the tests done it indicates the presence of the especially hardy Thermo tolerant Choliform and Eschericia coli.

Using special computer imaging and rendering software, Mayor Trapp was able to show plans for a multi-leveled market in San Ignacio, which will be a convenient way to assist farmers in selling their produce. As it currently stands, farmers have to set up temporary tents to sell their produce within some areas of the San Ignacio market.

Another economic meeting is being planned by the San Ignacio based Town Council for the near future to fine tune the technical side of these great plans. It is hoped that the private sector will now be able to collaborate more closely with the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council to turn some of these visions into reality. Indeed, the forum on Monday was interactive and several business partners in development had enunciated their genuine interest in the further development of the Twin Towns.