Ministry of Health issues advisory on Illegal Peddling of Pharmaceuticals Print E-mail
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Friday, 07 June 2019 00:00

The Ministry of Health warns the public to be wary of products that are being sold as medicines but not officially recognized, taxed, and registered by the Ministry of Health. Two recent inspections resulted in the confiscation of several unsanctioned products and other related supplies from a few unnamed vendors. The Ministry maintains that peddling of medicines is illegal and could be dangerous for consumers. The products being sold by the street vendors can pose serious health risks due to unverified dosages, counterfeit substances, and unreliable instructions given by people with no proper health or drug training. The public is encouraged to visit only licensed pharmacies that have registered pharmacists providing pharmaceutical services to the community.

Last week, the Ministry of Health’s press release cautioned the public about medicines that are not officially recognized and registered by the ministry. Intelligence gathered by the ministry’s investigation revealed that there were several brands and types of medication that could put consumers at risk. The Health Minister, Hon. Pablo Marin, said that in one of its visits, a cocaine testing kit was retrieved from a pharmacy. He also added that their first action was to remove any product deemed illegal due to lack of proper paperwork or unauthorized substances or kits. The Ministry is asking the Attorney General’s office for advice on how to prosecute offenders. Minister Marin added that the police have been informed and will be assisting with the investigation. The ministry is also investigating supermarkets to look at controlled substances and antibiotics for proof of adequate documents and advises that all businesses follow proper procedures when purchasing pharmaceuticals.