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Friday, 07 June 2019 00:00

Belmopan police have detained Troy Banner, the father of a two month old baby boy, Thevane Banner, after he died as a result of a cracked skull and fractured back.

On Saturday June 1st, 2019, the baby’s parents rushed him to the Belmopan hospital after he was not breathing properly. The father told the press that the baby was feeding when he began to experience difficulty breathing and as a result he slapped him in order to get a response from the baby. That was unsuccessful and thereafter the baby was admitted to the Western Regional Hospital. Efforts were made to treat the baby but those were unsuccessful and he would die while undergoing treatment. Following the death, baby Thevane’s father went on a public offensive against the hospital claiming that the baby was given adrenaline in overdose amounts. The hospital’s administration has since come out defending the personnel and their professionalism.

But an investigation is now turning on a post mortem which concluded that the baby died as a result of multiple fractures to the head and neck consistent with Battered Child Syndrome. Added to the post mortem are bruises which the baby bore to the forehead, chest and right eye.  Banner is now being investigated and what’s worse, a woman has come out publicly to say that her son, now 7, suffered from similar abuse conditions while under the care of his father, also Troy Banner.

The mother told Plus TV News that seven years ago, when her son was also only months old he presented injuries to the face and body similar to those which were detected on baby Thevane. She went on to show pictures of the injuries and added that those were sustained by her son while in the care of Troy Banner. She begged that the police investigate the matter of the most recent death and that the case be re-opened on the injuries her son sustained.

Officer Commanding CIB in Belize City, ASP Alejandro Cowo says that a file has been opened against Banner on the death of Thevane Banner and when that is completed it will be forwarded to the DPP for advice. He said however that the statute of limitation on the older case has since elapsed and there is no possibility of opening up the case of 7 years ago.

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