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Friday, 12 April 2019 00:00

In his budget presentation, Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber announced that the ministry will be undertaking the construction of new high schools across the country. Appearing on Wave’s Fus Ting da Mawnin, Hon. Faber explained that the schools will be built as a result of a school mapping exercise. That exercise took place a couple of years ago with the intention of determining the best locations for schools to be built based on need.

One of the areas identified was Pueblo Viejo in the Toledo District. Minister Faber explained that there is much need for another high school in the area. Example is taken from the Corazon Creek success story where a high school was built in that community and now children who would have to once travel 3 and 4 hours to get to the only other two high schools in the area, TCC and Julian Cho, now only have to travel less than an hour to get to school. Corazon Creek is a success story with great work being done by the school as a technical and agricultural school. That is now going to be replicated with the placement of a new high school in Pueblo Viejo.

While originally it was intended that the school would have been a church school, that idea did not work out and the decision was made to make it into a fully government school. Faber explained that the ministry approached the Caribbean Development Bank for a loan facility to build the school. Those finances were approved but that came at the same time that the Mexican Government expressed interest also in building a technical school similar to Escuela Secundaria Mexico in the Corozal District. With that the offer was accepted and the Mexicans will now construct the school and the CDB’s finances will be used to construct another high school elsewhere.

According to Minister Faber, there are plans to construct high schools in the Kontiki area of San Ignacio, another in the Fabers road area just across from the existing Grace Primary School. There will be another construction at Carmelita in the Orange Walk District and yet another in Bella Vista in the Toledo District. Additionally the Orange Walk Technical high school will also be rehabilitated and additional building infrastructure will be placed at the EP Yorke High School.

All the new schools will be government owed but will possibly be managed by existing denominational entities.

Added to the new high schools, Hon. Faber explained that there will be some 24 new pre-schools which will also be constructed countrywide. All of these projects are expected to be implemented within the next two years.