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Friday, 15 March 2019 00:00

Every country has one or several SIMONS. The ones we have in Belize play a role in Narnia [please note that the dictionary definitions of SIMON do not apply here]. Our SIMONS are unique and one SIMON even more, imagine!!!

The blinders, an intricate part of the everyday attire of our Simons, are conducive to self-justify a non-productive travel throughout the years; a tool to masquerade and cover up a self-benefit agenda on the backs of many, especially the vulnerable; a self-soothing artefact to avoid self-inspection, to erase the evidence of non- achievements. In order to encapsulate dire failures, the SIMON rests his heavy burden and weight on the everyday man and woman, and dictates to these that someone else is to blame. So, someone, somewhere is to blame for the failure of SIMON.

The exercise of the everyday verbiage is nauseating and even more so is the self-proclamation of being an expert in ‘certain matters’ due to being ‘inside’ for twenty years. The ownership of ‘feelings’ and ‘sensitivity’ are a market-tool for self; it is evidence of an egomaniac and, that characteristic is amplified when in the presence of ‘others’. For this is the way they [the Simons] fulfil their niche; form a cystic bulb, inserted in a cocoon! They feel safe, because after all, the cocoon protects ‘I man’. The years of brainwashing YOU to believe that ONLY I, SIMON, care about YOU, has given the SIMON a chest-elevating attitude.

So, inside the cocoon, with a rooted cyst, the Simon has made a livelihood off the backs of the ‘feelings’ and sensitivity’ that he has for others. So the Simon is self-empowered to shut out any discussion, any critique, any opinion; the beholders of the truth rests on the SIMONS!! After all, he has already put the blame on others; he is exempted from any finger pointing. Yet, he has done nothing for country!! All bla,bla,bla. Talk about Kool-aid!

The other Simons, “Between the lines Jack” and ‘you understand?’ are also parasites. Constantly berating creation of wealth, oops, sorry, creation of other’s wealth. You see, they do not create wealth, no, no. It is just a humble livelihood that [unfortunately] creates money to keep an industry to give YOU, the poor people, jobs [this is what they tell the vulnerable]. You must be grateful to them. The ‘between the lines jack’, just like the first Simon, has identity problems. Even though the energy exerted to relay otherwise is impressive. Identities are adopted and absorbed! Is it that these Simons do NOT want to be what they are? Is it with the hope that by adopting an identity the real ‘ego’ will not be seen?

So, let us analyse. The Simons constantly dictate that they want education for Belizeans yet they do not want Belizeans to work for ANYBODY…oh, except for them, because they REALLY love YOU.

Now, if a Belizean is an engineer, that engineer will need technicians, receptionist, etc. for the office [be it small]; oh, but who will the engineer hire? Remember, the Simons do not want anybody behind a desk [that is losing dignity]! Remember, they do not want someone to work for others [also losing dignity]. So, who, pray tell, will an educated Belizean hire? Now, let us analyse, when the bigger Simon says [after Hurricane Keith] that it was not people behind desks [oh, so gross] it was carpenters etc. that were needed. But even that carpenter has an assistant that works for HIM…even to ‘pass di nail’… but the Simons do not want any of THEIR people to work for anybody. The people must ALL be self-employed! As mentioned before, welcome to Narnia!

The Simons spit out blanket statements, that are maybe catchy, but in reality they are used as verbal swords for the audience and viewers to clap without in reality pinpointing ONE fact or proposal from the blanket statement.

This has been the passport of life for the SIMONS. Done nothing except go through a life [which is not LIVING] as a parasitic element: barnacles!