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Friday, 15 March 2019 00:00

Last Friday the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) held a consultation on the ICJ Referendum. The event was held at the UB Gymnasium in Belmopan, so the members of the BNTU, who work in public schools were granted the day by the Ministry of Education in order for them to attend the event. They were then bussed into Belmopan from all across the country.

There were several presenters at the forum and the teachers were given the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters. However, one of the presenters, who we will refer to as La Metiche (the nosey one), hijacked the consultation. In her usual cantankerous manner she quickly began to become rude and argumentative. At more than one occasion she became a MIC-HOG, by snatching the microphone from one specific presenter, who she appeared to have a personal thing for. She actually became argumentative with the particular presenter. La Metiche may have actually asked more questions than the teacher themselves whose forum it was.

If being rude and argumentative was not bad enough, she told lies. The biggest of those lies was when she said that once a voter was not in possession of his or her Voters Identification Card, then that voter would not be allowed to vote at the referendum. Unlike most of us, Metiche can read and understand the law. So the thing she said cannot be blamed on ignorance. She is properly trained so she could have consulted the Referendum Act and Representation of the People Act.

Metiche knows perfectly well that once a person’s name is on the voters list for a particular constituency, then there is nothing to LEGALLY prevent that voter from voting, even if that voter does not physically have a Voter Identification Card. All the voter’s identity details are kept on a record card, which will be in a binder at that particular polling station where the voter should vote. No amount of lies can change that fact. The travesty of the whole situation was that Metiche was able to convince some teachers, that her lies were facts. That is surprising because by the nature of their jobs, they should be some of our most informed individuals.

Having achieved her objectives, La Metiche was able to sail off on her weekend cruise and boast how lucky she is to have visited everywhere in Belize, having traveled on land and sea. How many of those POOR TEACHERS can make that claim? Better yet, how many of them would ever be able to visit those beautiful places that Metiche toured if Guatemalans were allowed to continue to loot our country of all its beauty?