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Friday, 15 March 2019 00:00

It seems like the NO to the ICJ proponents including Audrey, Maheia, Brackett, Wade, Mose, will stoop to any level to try to get Belizeans who are in support of a YES vote, to stay at home and not vote. Their latest ploy is to suggest to the voters that, if they don’t present their Voter Identification Cards on Referendum Day, they will not be able to vote. Upon hearing that we checked the Referendum Act, and right there at Rule 4 (a), it states that for a countrywide referendum, as long as you are a duly registered elector under the Representation of the People’s Act on the date of the referendum, then you can vote in the constituency that you are registered.

Not satisfied with that we sought further clarification, and we checked the Representation of the People’s Act and right there at Rule 23 of the Third Schedule of the Act, it states, and we quote “The presiding officer at any polling station shall receive the votes of all duly qualified person whose names are on the proper register of voters and who appear and apply for a ballot paper.”

We then continued on to Rule 24 (2) of the same Third Schedule which states, and we quote “Where any voter is, at the time of tendering his vote not in possession of an identification card, the presiding officer may at his discretion ask any question relating to his identity, his place of residence, his age and any other matter that may be of assistance in establishing the identity of such voter...”

Simply put, just like is stated in rule 6-(1) and (2) of the Referendum Act, that any nationwide referendum shall be conducted, in the same manner that elections are conducted for members of the National Assembly and without any prejudice to the generality of the foregoing any changes to the Representation of the People’s Act and regulations as they apply to the election of members of the House of Representatives.

The same Rule 6 also states that where there is the need to make necessary modifications in connection to the referendum in relation to the appointment of polling stations, presiding officers, clerks and other staff, the provision of elections material, the conduct of, and maintenance of order at, the poll, the security of ballot papers and ballot boxes, the counting of the votes, and all matters pertaining to the specific referendum, those modifications will be made by the Governor General in conformity with Rule 7 of the Referendum Act. Voters, as long as your name is on the voters list then you can vote in that constituency where your name is listed.