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Friday, 15 March 2019 00:00

In true “piam-piam” fashion, Brackett and his band of desperadoes has followed Audrey Matura’s lead, and they are now preaching her sermon. They are now asking Dr. Assad Shoman where his organization’s funding comes from for their ‘Yes to the ICJ’ Campaign. In a sort of fair-play, the question of where he gets his funding from was asked of Brackett. Over the years, we have become accustomed to hear some strange statements coming from Brackett, but what his answer was this time might be the strangest one we have heard from him so far. His answer was that he was being sponsored by the JESUS ECONOMY.

Brackett went as far as suggesting that we speak to his Pastoral and fellow ‘NO’ colleague Louis Wade for verification of the statement. Being puzzled by Brackett’s answer, we decided that we would do our research to discern what he meant by Jesus Economy. At first, we thought maybe he could have been talking about Jesus, who is the cousin of the clown, who is the president across the border, but then we discounted that thought because we figured Brackett would not be involved with that type of cross-border activity.

Our next thought was that it had something to do with Church funds, a.k.a collections or contributions, but that thought was even more perplexing because that would perhaps lend some truth to what was said by that a Nigerian, who goes by the name Olu Adegoke, when he shared his thoughts about pastors. According to Adegoke, any pastor, who does not have a day job, is a thief. We paused and then we thought out loud, is Brackett a PASTOR? Does he have a day job that comes with a salary?