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Friday, 08 March 2019 00:00

The Police Department’s Queen Street detention cells known as the ‘Piss House’ is undergoing massive upgrades. True to his word, Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams had undertaken to retrofit the detention area at the station after some horrific images were posted on social media by Corporal of Police, Darrell ‘Tutsi’ Usher, after Usher himself was held for two days in the cell. Those images were released at the end of January.

Williams’ actions to address the problem of raw sewer leaking into the cell block as well as the unsanitary conditions of the bathrooms were swift and are now being addressed. The Compol told the media that within the next couple of weeks the work will be completed. So far, extensive work has already been done with the floor being raised, concrete seating being put inside the cells as well as shower stands being put in. The renovations also include the placing of stainless steel commodes for the use of detainees. All told there has been a great overhaul of the entire cell block.