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Friday, 08 February 2019 00:00

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. On Wednesday 6th February this picture that one of our readers forwarded us, really spoke a thousand words indeed. As seen in the picture, the commuter bus appears to either be letting off or taking on passengers. Coincidentally, this bus is in the same general vicinity where a woman lost her life in that traffic accident two days earlier.

This time it appears that the bus driver is at fault. He should have been in the lane furthest to his right. It would have put the bus on the other side of the barrier nearest to the curb for the sidewalk. That lane acts as a LAYBY, where a bus is able to safely pick up or let off passengers, without the passenger having to come in contact with the oncoming traffic.

A lot of blame game has been taking place since Monday, when teacher Marlena Morris lost her life  in that tragic traffic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway. Blame, however, needs not to be directed in one direction. Use and safety on the highways or any other thoroughfare is a shared responsibility. Each sector must play their roles to ensure the chaos and carnage does not occur.

The safety features and road furniture is the responsibility of the governing authority. Pedestrian and drivers are responsible for traversing the road safely. Last, but certainly not least, the enforcement and safety officials must do their part to maintain law and order on the road and if there are violators of those rules then the violators of those rules must be penalized.