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Friday, 08 February 2019 00:00

With hardly a month as Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams has hit the ground running. With his Wednesday clinics and addressing human rights violations at the “Piss House”, COMPOL Williams has extended his scope of works. That is to have a closer rapport with the media, one he says he hopes can be more mutually beneficial. This and other concerns are what he brought up at the first of many Commissioner of Police media meetings on Wednesday, February 6, 2019.

The meetings will from here on out be executed every quarter of the year and will be used as an effective tool through which media and police can better relate. This quarter’s meeting, which ended with a lunch, started with COMPOL Williams’ suggestions to deliver more effective communication between the two parties. He also conveyed the topic of breaches in protocol formerly established between the Belize Police Department and media houses, especially regarding social media. There is the intention to reaffirm and modify necessary protocols so as to be morally conscious of victims and their families.

One of the newer intentions of the COMPOL and his department is to deter crime with the media’s help. COMPOL Williams mentioned the “See something, Say something, Stop something” approach formerly used by Deputy COMPOL Edward Broaster before he assumed his current position. The objective is to use primetime media spaces to advertise the slogan which COMPOL Williams says has the potential of deterring criminal activities. A second proposal surrounded domestic violence, a crime which plagues our society and too often leads to death. The Commissioner has also asked for the media’s assistance in creating and airing advertisements and other mediums directed at domestic abuse. Those ads should have the purpose of encouraging victims to come forward about their abuse and to make known the available avenues through which abuse can be addressed. For both endeavors, COMPOL Williams received verbal agreement from several media houses.

Present for the media meeting and lunch were representatives from the Guardian Newspaper, Channel 7 News, Channel 5 News, Krem, Amandala, The Reporter, Love FM and the Belize Times.