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Friday, 08 February 2019 00:00

Over the last few weeks, we have been noticing the ICJ referendum issue taking a strange twist. The debate is becoming personal and creating some real bitter and ugly personalities in certain individuals. Some individuals on the NO side of the debate whose opposition for the most part regretfully is lacking in substance, but filled with fear and emotions are going too far.

On Saturday night, we were alerted to a Facebook interaction between one of our media colleagues Glenn Tillett and someone who writes under the profile ‘Maja Lloyd Jones.’ During that interaction Maja Lloyd Jones took it to an all-time low, when out of nowhere he attacked Glenn Tillett by telling him that he was going to die soon.

Below is the way the interaction went.

Glenn: “I will vote yes Maja Lloyd Jones. Threatening me and others is undemocratic. Seeking to insult those with who you disagree is rude.”

Maja Jones: “Mi bredda u soon dead so u no have to live with d consequences.  Go back soh...oh I soon dead to btw hahahaha”.

Glenn: “My children and their children will though. I figure you folks must think you are losing the campaign why you all have resorted to being so nasty...”

We at this media house don’t think we need to defend Glenn Tillett, because Glenn can surely do so by himself. However, Glenn is our media colleague and as such we will stand in solidarity with him. Glenn Tillett like many of our relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and Belizeans in general, is suffering; his kidneys are not functioning properly, and he has to take dialysis to clean his blood. The fact that he suffers from a kidney ailment does not give anyone the right to try to cast him aside.

The type of attack we saw from Maja Lloyd Jones, although a new low, is in keeping with the PUP and George Price’s mantra of REWARDING ENEMIES. However, Glenn Tillett is not known to be an enemy of the PUP, actually Glenn has better and more longstanding PUP credentials than Maja Jones. Glenn has another thing that the Maja can never lay claim to and that thing is that he is not going to be intimidated.

By Monday, like in all previous cases of PUP cowardly attacks we have seen on Facebook, the offensive comments were removed after the damage was done. Knowing the contributions that Glenn Tillett has made to the PUP, one would have expected that the party higher-ups would have chastised Jones for his attack on Glenn, and even if the party did not do it, one would have at least expected Joe Coye would have stood up for Glenn Tillett. After all he has gone to battle for Coye on numerous occasions. It appears that the PUP or Joe Coye are comfortable with the Maja’s attack on Glenn. In the PUP, apparently there really is a thin line between love and hate.