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Friday, 08 February 2019 00:00

A couple of weeks ago the PUP leader was forced to read what the PUP call a People’s declaration on the way the ICJ issue is to be handled. At the time, it seemed to us that it was simply an up-in-your-face move by the Johnny detractors to publicly humiliate their leader. They not only wanted him to bend to their will but to do it in front of the entire nation. And that was exactly what they got!

At the time, we may not have processed one more thing, that is that the nine-point declaration was actually exactly what Eamon Courtenay had been claiming upon a few weeks earlier when he made an appearance on Channel 5. So, what we had left out of the entire thing is that Johnny is absolutely not in charge of his party. He is like a marionette capitulating to the will of every other persons in his party. After all, when he went on his listening tour, he should have actually gotten more input than just what the nine points brought across. What’s more, it ought not to have been a carbon copy of what it was that Courtenay had been saying all along.