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Friday, 11 January 2019 00:00

In boxing there is a term known as punch-drunk. It is used to describe a condition known as dementia pugilistica, which is when a boxer gets hit so many times by an opponent that the boxer becomes disoriented. The term is also used to describe someone who behaves in a bewildered, confused, or in dazed manner from having been physically, mentally or emotionally punched.  Well, on Tuesday evening based on a letter we saw which was written by Johnny Briceno, the Leader of the Opposition, that was exactly the type of behavior we saw.

It has been a well-known fact that Johnny’s leadership has been under pressure for the last six months. The hawks in his party have been pressuring him to do a 180 degree turn on the party’s position of supporting a yes vote for the ICJ Referendum. Readers may recall it was the PUP who initiated the negotiation with Guatemala back in 2000 under the auspices of the OAS. It was those negotiations that lead to the Ramphal/Richler Proposals, which called for both Belize and Guatemala to seek the permission of its people to take their differences to ICJ for a final a settlement.

Back to the letter, it appears that Johnny was so punch drunk that he could not even get the date right on which the letter was written. He dated the letter 8th June 2019. Now we know that is five months in the future and between now and that date the referendum would have already been held on 10th April. Now we don’t know if that particular date has any particular significance to Johnny why he was so confused about it. Perhaps he was told that date would be the day before a leadership convention if he were to support a yes vote in the ICJ Referendum.

Whatever blow the hawks in the PUP threw at Johnny really hit him hard and shook him to the core. Those blows exposed Johnny’s ineptitude as a leader. They made him react in a way we never saw him react before. Johnny is damaged goods. His days of leading the PUP must now surely be coming to an end. The PUP will have to replace him, because he is a liability. In boxing, it would be said that Johnny has a glass chin, and he will be knocked out with the first blow to his chin.