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Friday, 11 January 2019 00:00

In April 2017, three Special Patrol Unit officers were accused of stealing over 20 parcels of cocaine after searching a house in Cayo. Those officers included Cpl. Clinton Thomas and PCs Kishane Pech and Albert Augustine. The reports had it that the officers searched a home in San Ignacio where 27 parcels of cocaine were found. Two men were also present but none made it to the police station. The officers took the drugs and the two drug dealers with them but it is alleged that on their way to Belmopan, the officers stopped and released the drug dealers and continued to Belmopan. Upon arriving in Belmopan, it is alleged that instead of depositing the drugs, they concealed the drugs at an undisclosed location with the intention of selling them and sharing the proceeds as drug dealers themselves.

At the time, the Professional Standards Branch launched an investigation into the matter, which revealed that the information is credible. The three officers were placed on disciplinary charges for Neglect of Duty and Act of Prejudice to good order and Discipline. Now, Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, has said that the three officers have been dismissed from the department.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police, “You would have recalled when I was at Professional Standards Branch, we had moved with that investigation, the three officers were placed on disciplinary charges for neglect of duty and prejudice to good order and discipline. The tribunal in respect of that matter concluded and the officers were convicted in the tribunal and the adjudicator had recommend their dismissal from the department.”

COMPOL Williams said that the Department has received the Solicitor General’s response on the case where he said that their dismissal is well within the scope of the law.