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Friday, 30 November 2018 00:00

There is a plan to conduct an expedition to the bottom of the Great Blue Hole. This plan had come about after businessmen and philanthropist, Richard Branson, teamed up with documentary filmmaker and ocean conservationist, Fabien Costeau; Aquatic Submarines, and the Roatan Institute of Deep Sea Exploration. During that exploration on Sunday, December 2, 2018, the team will livestream the event and will be led by Erica Berman.

The team will speak of ocean conservation and how it matters to the world and its future generations. Very importantly, the team will be conducting a science phase in which a 3D map of the Blue Hole will be built using sonar scanning. The map will be a virtual map and data collected will be provided to the Government of Belize for research and conservation purposes. They will also conduct a bathymetric survey which will study the depth of the ocean as well as observational study where officials from the Fisheries Department and students alike will have the opportunity to study the marine sinkhole. In a nutshell, the expedition has two purposes: ocean awareness as well as gaining scientific knowledge.

Bryan Price, Vice President, Aquatica Submarines, says that the team will be diving for a couple hours at a time, all during daytime, although the submarines hold enough air. “The submarine can stay down for a long time; we’ve got tons of air to be down there, but usually people get hungry and they need to come up. So couple of hours at a time; so two to three dives a day, mostly two.”

Two submarines and a support vessel will be used for the exploration at the World Heritage Site, which is also the first of its kind.