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Friday, 30 November 2018 00:00

Belize has been reinstated to the Regional Anti-Doping Organization (RADO) after being suspended in the middle of August of this year. At the time, RADO decided to suspend the Belizean counterpart body, the Belize National Anti-Doping Organizaion (NADO). The decision was taken after Belize did not attend a RADO meeting and according to them, it was the third consecutive meeting that Belize did not participate in. That meant that benefits and delegation responsibilities had been suspended, meaning that no sanctioned anti-doping testing could be conducted in the country.

The suspension has now been lifted. In a letter dated November 27th, Chairman of RADO-CAM explained that the members of the organization had voted unanimously to reinstated Belize as an official member of the body.

According to a release from the National Sports Council, the reinstatement comes, “after the Government of Belize through the National Sports Council in consultation with the National Olympic Committee immediately formed a task group to plan and execute the necessary steps to have the suspension lifted.” It goes on to state that one of those steps was to appoint Carlos “Charlie” Slusher as the new Director of NADO Belize.

Slusher comes with a wealth of experience and institutional knowledge of NADO-Belize. Slusher has been spearheading the work to normalize NADO-Belize based on recommendations made by RADO-CAM in consultation with the National Sports Council and the National Olympic Committee. Thereafter, a letter of commitment was sent to RADO-CAM which reinstated Belize.

In its release the NSC states that, “The Government of Belize, through the NSC and with support of the NOC has made commitment to fully establish an office for NADO-Belize at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. Mr. Slusher, as the new NADO-Belize Director, will be given full support by the National Sports Council to continue the great work he is doing.”

Speaking to Slusher, he explained that there were numerous corrective measures that had to be put in place for the re-instatement of Belize to RADO. He explained that moving forward there is great hope that Belize will be able to meet the various criteria to continue being a member of the organization.