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Friday, 02 November 2018 00:00

Police have arrested and charged 27 year-old Albert Stephen Morreira, a BDF soldier for the gruesome murder of 36 year-old Felina James.

In last week’s issue of this newspaper, we told you about her very strange disappearance, and the eventual discovery of her body on the Coastal Road. On Monday, October 15, James’ friend, Ivette Roaches, showed up to the police station and reported that on Thursday, October 11th, James brought her 2 sons, and asked Roaches to take care of them. James was supposed to return the following day, and her intended destination was Sarteneja, Corozal, where she was living for about 2 months. She had planned to go pick up belongings, and reports are that she was preparing to move to the US.

Roaches told police James never showed up, as she promised she would, which was serious cause for concern. That’s when the search for her began. 2 days later, her personal identification cards, including her social security, her driver’s license, and her boat captain’s license, were found in Belmopan. Since she was northbound, this discovery in Western Belize did not make any sense.

On October 18th, at around 7 p.m., her body was found in a bushy area located about 2 miles on the Coastal Road. A nearby farm employee told police that he noticed the smell of decay nearby, and when he went to investigate, he found a woman’s body, which was later confirmed to be James. Her throat had a cut wound; she was semi-nude; and a post-mortem certified that she died from a chop wound to the back of the neck.

On Tuesday, October 23rd, acting on a tip, police investigators went to a mechanic shop, located at mile 17 on the Valley Road, Stann Creek. They ended up finding what was left of a red Kia Sorrento SUV, which was cut into several pieces, and then set on fire. This vehicle is believed to be James’ missing Kia, but police need to confirm that at this time. The owner of that facility was questioned, and police were given the name of the person who brought the vehicle. At that time, they were not prepared to release the identity of that person publicly, since he was only a suspect, and not criminally charged.

A week later, police arrested and charged Albert Stephen Morreira with James’ murder. He was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, October 31st, and due to the nature of the offense, he was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until November 30th, 2018.

Morreira, is the ex-common-law husband of Felina James, and they are the parents of James’ second son, a 2 year-old. Reports to the press are that they were romantically involved for 3 years, until they became estranged. There are reports that they had a big fight on the day of her disappearance, and that dispute may somehow be linked to James’ murder. There are also allegations that domestic abuse was a factor in their relationship, and their eventual break-up.

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