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Friday, 02 November 2018 00:00

We thought it was embarrassing enough, that the Belize City Deputy Mayor has become the DEFACTO MAYOR of Belize City, by being the person who now speaks for Mayor Wagner. He is the person who is sent in to clean up the mess the mayor makes on those rare occasions when the media gets a chance to catch up to him to ask him questions, and he misspeaks.

However, it seems like Oscar is now speaking for all the councilors. On Monday night’s Television News, we saw and heard him speaking for Councilors Noralez at a CEMO workshop. The workshop we saw him speaking at was an event organized for the City Emergency Management Organization by UNICEF. It was a SHELTER MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP focusing on the often overlooked needs of women and children in times of disasters.

It is our understanding that Chips Noralez is the councilor in charge of CEMO, which is the portfolio under which Disaster Management falls. We don’t know if Chips Noralez was out of the country and Oscar had to deputize for him. However, we do know, that Chips is not like Wagner, he can speak for himself. Nobody needs to be speaking for Chips Noralez, because as far as we know he is a well-read fellow, and he is not suffering from Laryngitis or any other similar condition, that would cause him to not to be able to speak for himself.

In that same vain we need to ask, where is Hubert Hubris Pipersburgh, the Economic Advisor/ Public Relations Manager? Wasn’t he the man who was being handsomely paid to speak on behalf of City Hall? Is that still his job or is he even still an employee of the council? Has he gone back to where he came from in the diaspora in Cayo? We know there is some confusion about who works for the council and if they still do, where at the council they work.