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Friday, 02 November 2018 00:00

The citrus industry has been taking a battering as a result of diseases and in particular the HLB Citrus Greening disease which was first discovered in Belize in 2009. For the year 2017 the Citrus Products of Belize, the main processor of citrus, reports a profit of 3.13 million dollars, up from .31 million in 2016.

Chairman of the company, Douglas Singh reported on Wednesday of last week to its shareholders that this year marks the 104th anniversary since the industry started back in 1913. And though it was a trying year with production going down by 233 thousand boxes, the CPBL managed to maintain good profits. The company Processed 3.2 million boxes of citrus which represents the lowest it has processed since 1995 when 3.13 million boxes passed through the factory.

As mentioned earlier the biggest problem that the industry is facing is disease and that has caused production to be more than halved since 2005 when 7.79 million boxes being produced and now in 2017 that figure has gone down to a mere 3.39 million boxes. There is an aggressive campaign to maintain the industry however and CPBL is moving into a replanting and resupplying programme which was started in 2015. So far between 2016 and 2017, 646 acres of orange and 110 acres of grapefruit was re-planted in an effort to rebound the country’s citrus production.