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Friday, 07 September 2018 00:00

On Friday August 31, Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, introduced a Bill in the National Assembly to seek approval for the government to use public money for payment of in excess of 95 million dollars to settle a private debt for the Universal Health Services Hospital.

In making his presentation, the PM noted that there are separations of power between the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. Making it clear that while the Executive was bringing the matter to the house, those representatives who make up the Executive are under no obligation to vote YES to the bill.

He went on to explain that members of the House have an obligation to vote for money to be used for the public good. He added that if the House votes NO, it does not mean that the debt no longer exists. He said that it is that the bill may be collected if it is brought to the House again at another time when the government is in a better financial position.

He then went on catalogue the sequence of events that landed the country in the debt, calling it a ‘Circus of Lies’.

When the time for voting came the PUP unceremoniously walked out. Led by the architect of the entire debt, Said Musa, invariably all PUP members walked out. In the end the NO vote was carried by 17 members from the United Democratic Party voting NO. 12 PUP’s walked out. Two UDP members were not present at the meeting.