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Friday, 06 July 2018 00:00

The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Board of Governors announced last week Friday, June 29th, that Michelle J. Cox Hoare will be taking up the position of Chief Executive Officer for the hospital. Speaking to the press on Wednesday July 4, Hoare explained that she has been acting as CEO since April of this year.

Hoare is a career registered Nurse and has experience of 33 years in the Belizean Health System. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health, a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Administration and was previously the Director of Nursing Services at the KHMH.  She has held various administrative positions at the national level within the Ministry of Health as Director of Licensing and Accreditation Unit and Quality Assurance Coordinator. She also worked as Program Officer at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Hoare noted that as the Chief Executive Officer, she has full responsibility for the management and operations of the hospital services comprising medical services, nursing services, allied health services, infrastructure and other areas. She stated that with her intimate knowledge of the health system and in particular the quality assurance aspect of healthcare, she was tasked at looking at systems to identify weaknesses, look at things objectively, set standards and develop audit tools. Hoare stated that in the capacity of CEO it means that she has more responsibility and more authority to execute standards that were already in place for areas where there were no standards.

Asked what her priority areas will be, she said that since April she has been looking at areas where they have developed strategic focus for the hospital’s development. Among these are strengthening service areas and looking at areas where they can increase revenue.

Speaking about the KHMH’s infrastructure, Hoare stated that she is in the process of finalizing the work that was put in place by the previous CEO and she is now seeing it through to completion. At this point the repairs that needed to be done are nearing completion which she says is within the next 6 weeks.