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Thursday, 12 April 2018 00:00

Arthur Saldivar owes his former client, Melonie Coye, 0,000, which he refuses to pay. He must be spending the money he took from her without her permission on designer ostrich shoes.

Readers will remember that in 2014, when he was attempting to run for the PUP in Belize Rural North, Melonie Coye, a long-time client of his, accused him of taking a little more than 904 thousand dollars. This was money that she and her family fought tooth and nail to get the Financial Intelligence Unit to return, after their conviction for money laundering was overturned at the Court of Appeal. Saldivar was one of their lead attorneys for the entire ordeal.

He knew first hand the ordeal that this family experienced, but still, he “refused to return the monies…and instead has since kept it for his own use.”, as the claim form for her lawsuit against him stated.

After back and forth negotiations, she decided to settle the dispute with him out of court, and she dropped that lawsuit against him. It’s recently been revealed that they decided he would pay her back $200,000 out of the total amount, which seems to be reasonable, and easily accommodated, since he was flush with that $900,000 cash that he took. He would get to keep the lion’s share of it, which was most likely his payment for his services as their lawyer.

Instead, however, he stopped paying to time, and so, Melonie Coye had to go back to court to sue him again for breeching their agreement. Saldivar didn’t offer any defense, and so, the court entered a default judgment against him. It is unclear if he, in his usually arrogant ways, simply ignored the judgment, or if he wasn’t giving it the priority it deserved, and so, Justice Shona Griffith issued a judgment summons for him.

He and his attorney, Richard Bradley Jr., showed up to court on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, but the hearing was very short. Coye’s attorney, Illiana Swift, informed the court that having discussed the case with Saldivar and his lawyer, it has been agreed that Bradley will pay Melonie Coye $1,000 per month for the next 4 months. After that, the two sides return before the judge for a revision of the terms of Saldivar’s continued repayment.

The press tried to question Saldivar about the state of affairs which sees his former client suing him a second time. Questions like why he hasn’t paid the lady off, and why is it that he can only pay $1,000 at a time, may have been part of the line. But, in his usual bombastic and pompous attitude, Saldivar dismissed all questions.

When asked directly about it, Saldivar casually dismissed such a huge debt saying, “All of that is behind us, that’s a 4 year old situation. Politics is dirty in Belize and we try to dredge up things all the time, but that is something that is under the bridge, we’re moving forward to bigger and better things.”

He was more interested in showing off his pair of shoes which he had on.

Changing topic completely, Saldivar said, “Do you notice the shoes I’m wearing? It’s from an Ostrich who had its head in the sand. Do you see what happened to him for having his head in the sand? He was made into a boots for doing that. I have to ensure that our Belizean people get their head out of the sand.”

From there, the conversation became even more strange. In an interview, asking him to account for himself, Saldivar chose to announce then that he has intentions of running for elected office in the Belmopan constituency.

Making his pitch, Saldivar said, “I’m in Belmopan, back home and there’s a reason why I’m back home. I heard the echo of a distant voice which came to me on the wings of the wind… Its time now for us to do business and get people’s work done in Belmopan. Meet me on the campaign trail, forget about this, it’s the past.”

So, he took this lady’s family money without permission, refused to pay, agreed to an out-of-court agreement, and broke it. He had to be sued a second time, and a court has to make sure to stay behind this man to get him to pay this family what he owes them. And he wants to run for elected office in Belmopan? Only in the PUP!