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Friday, 09 March 2018 00:00

The time to recognize our police officers and community members for their great security efforts is now. In the Belmopan Police Jurisdiction that was precisely done as several persons were awarded on Thursday of last week at the popular Scotchies Restaurant.

Thus; in Belmopan the Police and Community working in partnership for a better Belize has gathered a new tone. Police officer Javier Alvarez (number 743 ) was recognized for being the Officer of the Month For January 2018  and Police officer Durham Gonzalez (number 1468) for February 2018. Civilian Mr.  Joe Mena was also recognized for outstanding partnership with the Belmopan Police throughout 2017.

All three award recipients had the opportunity to sit down and have a meal with their Commander, Deputy Commander and Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr. Noel Leal, who also delivered the certificates and monetary rewards.

“When it’s time to punish officers for wrongdoings, we are very swift and stiff and in similar fashion when officers excel we are swift and generous. It is this practice that might be responsible for the low incidents of police abuse in the Belmopan area,” writes Superintendent Howell Gillett, the Commander of the Belmopan Police Formation.

“We are hopeful that this will encourage other officers to go outside the normal call of duty to serve our residents and it will surely not go unnoticed. Thanks to all those who made this event a success.”