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Friday, 09 March 2018 00:00

-Police cameras live on TV

Any efficient deployment of human and other assets to fulfill the security needs of the Belizean citizenry across Belize requires a particular skill set and a desire to work collaboratively with as many partners in development as possible. In this regard, Belize’s Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie has recently expressed a willingness to continue to work in partnership with the community for a safer Belize.

Currently, the Belize Police Department is working productively with the United States Embassy via the Central American Regional Security Initiative, security counterparts in Mexico, the International Criminal Police Organization INTERPOL and other partners to execute its work plan. But most importantly, the Belize Police Department has sought to work with as many community entities across Belize to tackle the criminal elements and groups.

In a visit to San Ignacio last Wednesday, Belize’s Police Commissioner witnessed the deployment of such partnerships with the business community to make Cayo a much safer place. For example, Global Positioning Systems have been installed on Police Vehicles in San Ignacio with a monitoring set at the San Ignacio Police Station, which will now mean that these vehicles will be deployed more rapidly to areas where the public calls for police assistance. High resolution surveillance footages are also now being streamed live into the Command Center at the San Ignacio Police Station, from strategically positioned cameras in the Twin Towns,  thanks to the good will of Alternative Network Limited.

“Surveillance footage is always a crucial piece of evidence during a police investigation as it helps the police to identify criminals involved in illegal activity through recorded images, which often cannot be disputed, in contrast it can also help in cases to exonerate innocent persons, who may have been wrongfully accused of a crime,” says Allen Whylie.

“The public through the local channel on their television set will be able to assist in monitoring these cameras, as several cameras in non-sensitive areas will be broadcasted live on cable tv and they will be able to report any suspicious or criminal activity to the police wherever they see it occurring, by doing this the community will play an integral role in assisting to police their municipality and to take ownership of the twin towns,” he continued.

Belize’s Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie also told us that he would welcome other partnerships with the business community to deploy such a surveillance system to other parts of Belize.

In continuance of maintaining the peace, all indications now are that the period for transfer of Police Officers for this year will be in July. As such, the police’s publication in terms of police officer transfers must be published by the end of March 2018. The Police High Command will be meeting with the policy group shortly and will be looking at the performance of all members in the Department, not only at the Command level, but at the rank and file. Where the Police Department will have to make changes “…and fine tune and repost and transfer, then we will look at those objectively and professionally…” says Allen Whylie.

As regards to salary for police officers, “…we have advocated during my time as Commissioner, we have seen the police salaries increased we’ve seen all allowances raised included additional new allowances granted to the police, we’ve seen the police pay scale extended so there are a number of supports and initiatives we have had from the Government to improve the lot of the police department and our officers,” he said.