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Friday, 09 March 2018 00:00

In continuation with our good standing and cordial relationship with Mexico, Mexican representatives arrived in Belize on Friday, March 2, 2018 to meet with Belizean government officials. Some of the Mexican delegation included Ambassador Luis Alfonso de Alba Gongora, the Executive Director of the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation, Agustín García-López Loaeza, Ambassador Carlos Quesnel, Secretaries of Foreign Affairs, Julian Juarez Cadenas and Miguel Diaz Reynoso, and Project Manager, UNOPS, Nicola Della Porta. The Belizean representatives included Keyron Flowers, UNOPS, Adele Catzim, CEO, Sports and Culture, Ambassador Patrick Andrews, CEO, Foreign Affairs, and Ian Jones,  Director, National Sports Council.

During the visit, the delegation witnessed the presentation of the final project of the “Pavilion Mexico” Sports Centre within the Marion Jones Sports Stadium, just one part of a USD $5 million-dollar project which will be drawn from the Yucatan Fund. Executive Director of AMEXCID, Agustín García-López Loaeza, spoke to those in attendance saying, “The Yucatan Fund for infrastructure has been working for bilateral cooperation and we were able to come here thanks to one of the first projects in 2012, the road that allows the Chactemal Bridge between the two countries to function.  So thanks to that project we were able to come here on time and other than this wonderful sports center which of course you know that young people are formed not only intellectually but also with their minds and bodies and that’s why sports is so important for youths”.

The contract for the Mexico Sports Center is a joint venture between Maheias United of Belize, the lead contractor, and Grupo ITM of Belize. It amounts to $2.79 million and was signed on December 1, 2017 for a total expected duration of 15 months.

The other part was the lighting system at the complex which was installed in 2017 and inaugurated on August 17, 2017. Mexico has been a good friend of Belize for quite some time, and this latest development serves as proof of the wonderful effects of good diplomacy and maintaining discourse with our national neighbours.

Both initiatives are being undertaken by the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation, AMEXCID. Building these recreational facilities fosters social integration and economic development. CEO Adele Catzim spoke on this especially mentioning the importance of holistically developing a young person which includes focusing on mind, spirit, and body.