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Thursday, 02 November 2017 00:00

On Tuesday of this week, Eamon Courtenay was on TV being the super hero. He was saying that he was looking at introducing legislation for Belize to claim its rightful amount of territorial waters in the southern part of the country. He was beckoning the Government to amend the Maritime Areas Act for Belize to claim 12 miles of sea instead of the three miles which we are currently claiming down south. If you looked at him you would have almost, almost have been convinced that this was the action of the ultimate patriot. Put Belize First, Belize Second and Belize Third.

But fast forward 24 hours later and the very super patriot that had, the night before been on TV trying to expand Belize’s interests was gloating over the fact that he had delivered a crippling blow to the country’s finances. He presided and executed Ashcroft’s bid as he laid claim to 78 million U.S. dollars from Belize’s coffers. Like any old traitor, he could have almost be seen smirking as he nonchalantly declared that the 78 million dollars represented almost a quarter of Belize’s foreign exchange reserves. He facilitated for a quarter of all the money that Belize has in U.S. currency to be snatched from out of the Central Bank leaving the coffers in a significantly weakened position. We hope he is happy! Then again why wouldn’t he? This single blow to Belize’s finances translates to a huge bulking of his personal coffers.

There are warnings that must be sounded to the this money hungry tyrant, ‘money can’t buy you love,’ and every time you jump on the planes and sip on your wine and dine in fine restaurants, remember that you are doing so at the expense of every single tax paying Belizean. Money can’t buy you love and when it is that you walk around and the ordinary man gets a glimpse of you remember that they will be thinking that “there goes the traitor that put money ahead of country.”

It is unbelievable how an individual could be so frigid that for the sake of money would actually spend countless hours to ensure that the country is financially crippled. And while we can thing that his actions are unbelievable, truth be told, if we were to judge from the stock that he originates from there is nothing that is unbelievable from the. After all we need only remember this very man’s father had stolen 3.34 million dollars of the workers money that was in Social Security and while he had been told that he needed to repay the money he never did. He went to his grave and every time anyone would care to remember him they forever remember him as 3.34.

Sleep well Mr. Courtenay, use all the money as your money bed and please do not be bothered by what people think of you. Just know that the entire country is watching you and measuring you for the traitor that you are.