BNTU Pres Elena Smith on NEWS 5:“…says to us as a people, that internationally we are not recognized.” Print E-mail
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Thursday, 07 September 2017 00:00

It occurred on Aug 31, 2017 on Channel 5; none other than the President of the Belize National Teachers’ Union said some things that made no sense whatsoever!  I pasted the exact text from the TV’s Website: “When you listen to the Foreign Minister and certain words that he uses… Come on! I don’t see where any Belizean, any person who says that I love this country, would not be offended by the way the Foreign Minister uses words, the way he describes our borders, and he pretends as if though he is the only one who knows these words and he knows what they mean and the rest of us don’t know what these words mean. We must take offense when no person other than our Foreign Minister describes our borders in such a way and says to us as a people, that internationally we are not recognized. How we can sit back and accept that, yet we say we love Belize? We are going to be celebrating in a week, two weeks from now; we are going to have an entire month of celebrations to show that we are patriots, we love our country, we are so patriotic and we love our country. Yet we have no feeling, we have no anger at what the Foreign Minister said? It can’t be.  That is not love.”

1) “Certain words that he uses…” I have listened very, very carefully to each and every pronunciation of the Foreign Minister and I must confess that he is a wordsmith, a skilled user of words.  Look at the word ARTIFICIAL:The Latin word root fic, meaning to ‘make,’ is one of the most significant roots in the English language. The word significant means something that ‘makes’ a mark. ... Here is another word that is ‘made’ in the very same way: ARTIFICIAL. Something artificial is ‘made’ by the skill or art of humans, not by nature alone.Evan Mose Artificial Border Hyde sits behind a microphone.  He wrongly believes that he is wise.  He suffers from delusions of grandeur: a false impression of his own importance. A HERD, PACE, DROVE of donkeys follows him; past and present BNTU Presidents included!

2) “…describes our borders…” Am I to understand that the President of the Teachers’ Union does not have much experience with the usual adjectives that go in front of the noun ‘BORDER’?  Let me help her with a few: Agreed, disputed, defined, virtual, proposed, ratified, definite, indeterminate, negotiated, jagged, fringed, indented, arcifinious, natural, artificial…

3) “…and says to us as a people, that internationally we are not recognized.”  That one is an outright LIE!  She lies on purpose, doing it for whatever evil reasons.  A Teacher, BNTU President and a Senator?  What an idiot – I pity the students she teaches, the teachers she leads and the group that she represents in the Senate…

4) “…we are so patriotic and we love our country…”  Guatemala has a baseless claim against our Jewel.  Every single Belizean should be having or expressing devotion to and vigorous support for this country.  I have found that the absolute best way for me to help in this fight against the unfounded claim, is to educate myself and every single Belizean who crosses my path – blue, red, young and old!  There are enough free reading materials at the Min of Foreign Affairs to get anyone started…  From her verbiage, I can guarantee you that the President has been reading very, very little.   Is it any surprise then, that the PSE results are so dismal? I am saying that in the majority of cases our teachers have failed the children!   With ‘extramural teachers’ like Luke and Elena at the helm of the BNTU; I am not surprised.

I would like to end with a prediction.  If you were paying attention when KREM and Nuri gave her an opportunity to try to recover after her big mess-up on TV 5, you would have heard the call from Carolyn, Queen of Mahogany Heights.  In that call Elena was instructedby the very crooked ‘urban planner’ on three areas that the Teachers’ Union should consider for protest action (in order to do the PUPs’ work).  Elena has a ring in her nose and the wutliss, PUP Carolyn is pulling the string.  Sit back and enjoy the fun as we dismantle then destroy their perverse scheme!  The people who turned a blind eye to Price’s waltz with Guatemala (that is the shame of the PUP) will never, ever succeed!  Every voter must understand that the PUP is very bad!