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Thursday, 13 July 2017 00:00

The year has seen a general decrease in most crime related offenses since January. Between the months of January and June, there have been 866 crimes, a decrease relative to the same period in 2016 that showed a total of 1,070 crimes. These crimes include murder, rape, robbery, burglary, theft, and unlawful sexual intercourse. Each month for the same 6-month-period has seen a difference of between 4 and 63 less incidents per month.

In 2017, we are also seeing a general increase in the number of arrests for the aforementioned crimes. In all aspects, the numbers of arrests have remained constant or have increased except for the arrests regarding unlawful sexual intercourse which saw a drop from 13 to 8 arrests.

With regards to drugs and apparatus, there has been a significant recovery number of cocaine from 1,752.7 grams to 54,400.31 grams. The recovery of other substances such as processed cannabis, cannabis seeds and plants, and crack cocaine has significantly decreased. There has been an increase in recovered methane from 0 grams in January to June 2016 to 7.3 grams between the same 2017 period. The number of crack pipes recovered has also increased from 29 to 47 pipes.

Shooting incidents in the same period have increased since 2016 from 117 to 130 incidents. The number of firearm seized and stolen has seen a significant decrease and so have the number of ammunition seized. Persons arrested for firearm and firearm related offenses have gone from 53 to 45 arrests. Unlike the arrests for firearm and firearm related offenses, there has been an increase in both arrests in ammunition related and in drug related incidents.

The Belize district has seen a decrease in crimes from 567 in January to June 2016 to 475 in the 2017 period. While there has been an overall decrease, there has been an increase in murders and robberies. Shooting incidents have also increased in the old capital. In the Cayo district, there was just one reported rape, an increase since last year. All other crime incidents have seen a decrease in the Cayo district. In Corozal, murder, burglary, robbery, theft, and shooting incidents have all seen increases resulting in an overall increase in crime for the district. Unlike Corozal, Orange Walk has seen significant decreases in crime, from 108 to 37 total incidents. Likewise, in Toledo there has been a decrease from 44 to 26 crime incidents. Shooting incidents in the district went up from 1 recorded to 9 for January to June 2017. The Stann Creek district has seen an increase in robberies, burglaries, theft, and shooting incidents. The district has a recorded crime of 94 in January to June 2016 to 127 in January to June 2017.