Young woman killed and burnt at a garbage dump - police detain suspects Print E-mail
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Thursday, 16 March 2017 00:00

The authorities have been able to identify a young female found at about 3:00 pm on Saturday at a dump site, off mile four on the Hummingbird Highway, a short distance from Belmopan. Kerona Ara had a number of tattoos on her left arm and that led police to her identity.

After investigators had marked the scene, the body was taken to the Western Regional Hospital. An autopsy done on Ara’s body reveals that she had been stabbed several times to the abdomen and her throat was left with a cut mark.

As police were able to identify the body they have also been able to retrieve what is believed to be the murder weapon, some bloody clothes as well as a vehicle believed to have been used in the crime. They have also detained at least three men from roaring creek and are expected to lay charges soon.

The teenager had temporarily left her mom’s house in Blackman Eddy for a purposeful cause. Her mother Shirley Mai has told the media that her daughter left her house on Saturday morning for employment at her niece’s house in Santa Elena.

Kerona Ara had just celebrated her 18th birthday on February 11th.  Ara was at the Saint Ignatius Roman Catholic High School in Santa Elena until June of last year, where she was expected to have continued fourth form. A group of friends gathered on the grounds at Saint Ignatius on Wednesday to remember her and attended her funeral later that day. The staff at Saint  Ignatius remember young Ara as a humble person and a lover of sports.