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Thursday, 16 March 2017 00:00

At the end of February Julius Espat fired some scathing remarks directed at the leader of the PUP, Johnny Briceno. He basically called his leadership ineffective claiming that the leadership was made up of Bench Players who had not proven their mettle in an election. It was salvo directed at Briceno and one that saw even Micah Gooding crawling out of the woodwork in defense of his leader.

Well the shot across the bow did not go unanswered and on Thursday of last week the PUP held a press conference (we should rephrase this, Johnny had a press conference along with Chris Coye) to speak about the budget that was read on Monday of this week. The subject of the press conference is definitely not worth the ink so we’ll leave it at that. What was interesting was that Briceno responded directly to Esapt. He, point blank, told Espat that he’d better shape up or ship out. Briceno sunk his heels and braved the attack saying that if anyone, including Julius Espat, were not ready to follow that they would simply have to leave the PUP.

Of course this is just tough talks as everyone knows that Briceno’s leadership is teetering. He is about to fall and as much as he tries to put on a man face and defend his leadership, he is one of the most unpopular leaders the PUP has ever had. And the unpopularity we speak of is not with the masses of Belizeans, that is a given. The unpopularity is within the very ranks of the PUP and in particular the parliamentarians which as Julius rightfully put it, have been cast aside all in favor of Johnny’s hand picked surrogates who dare not challenge him. He’s surrounded himself by yes-men who contribute nothing to his leadership as the brain power hovers somewhere between 0 degrees and minus 100.