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Thursday, 16 March 2017 00:00

Orlando Habet, PUP area representative for Cayo North East was all too happy to grandstand on Monday March 13th about some horse owners not being able to use the Peter August horse race track. He complained that there was a lot of time and money invested in the race only for it to not take place because the organizers were stopped by the police.

What Habet did not tell the nation was that he openly threatened a number of public officers when he got involved in the whole matter. While at the racetrack he sent at least one text message in which he threatened a senior police officer in Cayo that he would loose his job when the PUP wins the general elections (to him we say good luck on that one.) He also called and threatened a number of public officers who are part of the Jockey Club in the same manner telling them that they would loose their jobs. Even as he was on a rampage threatening people he failed to realize that the race was not sanctioned by the Cayo Belmont Jockey Club which is the body that manages the stadium. In a letter dated March 8th, 2017 the club states that it “had not given any permission for the usage” of the stadium as it was closed and was being rehabilitated for the annual Holy Saturday Horse Race. The club sent a release in which it states that on Friday March 10th there was a meeting held to plan for the Holy Saturday Race. During the meeting a public notice was sent out that the stadium was being renovated. The organizers of the race that was to have taken place over the weekend did not attend the meeting.
They nonetheless showed up to the stadium on Sunday to run their horse races only to be met by police officers who prevented them from doing so for safety reasons. It is noteworthy to mention that safety is a great concern for all involved including spectators, jockeys and even the horses. The Guardian received a copy of a video which shows a horse that was disemboweled after it ran into a broken guard rail of the track on September 9th of 2016. The horse had to be put down and those responsible for that unsanctioned race were the same ones who attempted to run another race this past weekend.