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Thursday, 16 March 2017 00:00

For the past week, residents of the Belama area have been complaining on public forums on Facebook about the presence of crocodiles in the residential neighborhood. On Tuesday, March 14, as a result of a coordinated collaboration between the Belize City Council, the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) and the Forestry Department, one of the crocodile was captured in Belama phase two.

Efforts to catch the crocodile started at 5 in the morning with ACES and the forestry department setting up a trap. That method was unsuccessful. It was not until the croc attempted to cross the road that it was snared with a rope and by 9:30a.m. the massive 10 footer was placed in a trailer and was transported to the ACES crocodile sanctuary in Ladyville. There are reports of another much larger reptile in the Belama area and Belize City Councilor, Philip Willoughby says that residents must not feed the animals as they tend to become unafraid of humans and pose a threat to people as well as pets. He also added that residents should be cautious in the area as the reptiles come on land and prey on smaller animals like dogs. 

Willoughby says that the council is keeping traps in the area in the hope of catching the larger croc. He added that the council will also undertake efforts to clean the canals in the area from overgrowth. They will be using the same pontoons which were used earlier this month to clear the entrance of the Haulover creek.