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Thursday, 16 February 2017 00:00

courtenay33.jpg - 53.75 KbAfter this week’s segment of the Senate Hearing, we are left wondering if Johnny’s opinion of his man EAMON  COURTENAY, being the best thing to come to the world since sliced bread, will be the same. This week Courtenay was definitely no Perry Mason. In fact he was more like Barney Fife. Just a bungling buffoon, was what he was shown to be. Eamon really appeared to be out of his element. Two highly trained Public Officers took him to school. For us it is poetic justice that in the same week that Johnny painted a picture of Eamon being this highly trained legal mind who was head and shoulders above all other senators that he was disrobed and left naked for all the world to see. The whole country saw his short comings exposed in front of us.

We really wanted to know what was the question Mr. Reynolds had for Courtenay and what that answer would have been. Maybe Reynolds should have asked for Courtenay to clarify something, maybe he would have been obliged to answer then. Another high point was when Reynolds said it was not the first time that ministers made recommendations, because ministers under every administration have done so. He also told Courtenay that, Courtenay’s opinion was just his opinion. To us that was like telling Courtenay to keep his opinion to himself. Another highlight was when he told Courtenay he cannot comment on another person’s opinion. So confident was Mr. Reynolds that Courtenay was no match for him, he did not even have to take an attorney.

Ms. Castellanos was equally as good!

She was not fazed by Courtenay’s experience as an attorney. Her letter was hard hitting and did not paint the Immigration Officers in a good light. It painted a picture of them being some sort of CABAL, that was into all sorts of shady deals and that they had an unwritten rule to always defend each other. Both witnesses made the point that no minister of government can dictate to the Public Officers how to do their jobs. Pointing out that as long as those Public Officers followed the law and whatever policy was in place, they were within their rights to say no to such ministers. After Ms. Castellanos read her letter the people in the audience broke out into a round of applause.

If Johnny had any common sense, he would have immediately called Eamon Courtenay and told him to go home.  Eamon is not only an embarrassment to his profession and the PUP, he is an embarrassment to the entire country. We really cannot be accused of playing politics in calling for his removal. Along with all the other wrongs he has done to this country, he is now trying to turn our Senate into a Kangaroo Court. To this Judas or Jackass we say just take your thirty pieces of silver and go live elsewhere, just go!

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