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Written by Ed U Kate   
Thursday, 16 February 2017 00:00

Directly after ordering a plate of 1-2-3, I received very good news from Mr. George Cadle Price RICHARDSON.  He told me that the PUPs were avid readers of my column. I write truth to the voters!  The more readers, the better! The big thief, ‘wuthliss’ PUP is committed to lies and deceit for monetary gains! They are dead broke and desperate! Ralph did not share the stolen treasures!  All is fair in love and war and boxers are reminded to protect themselves at all times; so I am always on the lookout for the dirty deeds of scoundrels. Western Europeans separated humans into white, black, yellow and red.  The supremacists then immediately went about implementing their nefarious plans.  To get ahead they engaged in endless terrible acts including telling lies, creating unjust laws, stealing, trafficking, slavery and committing genocide...  They come to where you and your assets are, with one plan – to take everything. They stole the Western Hemisphere from the innocent Amerindians! How much is owed to us in Reparations? I cannot fault a man for securing $200,000.00 as a gift with no strings.  That to me is much wiser than allowing oneself to be caught on a Stick-Em rat trap. This is the same as asking which is larger CIA or Albert St. Gang.  The largest Criminal Organization in the world?

When one looks at the common mind altering substances: morphine, opium, ethanol, cocaine, tobacco… it is easily realized that the ‘small man’ on the street suffer the consequences while the Big Boys make all the money.  Look at the massive amount of money that Colorado is making from marijuana; while areas in which their precursors grow naturally and easily are in such severe poverty.   I personally feel that the root of the problems goes back to the ‘Buchannan Laws’ that were specifically created by Western Europeans to disenfranchise the indigenous peoples after falsely labelling them as heathens, savages, uncivilized... The next steps are spreading lies; then invasion.  Fortunately, in this information age news spreads like wild fire.  Could you even have guessed at how quickly the neo-Nazi Drumpf would be facing so much ‘corrections’ after he and his team have been caught in so many lies?  Remember Musa?

We still have to worry about our deficits: X had a good brain but he was compromised by his father’s love of Price.  Cordel is a Dodo bird; Johnny and Luke are in the same class: dolts.  Once the names Musa and Fonseca come up, wise Belizean voters hide their money. Big Thieves!  Then there is Ashcroft’s slave. Turning over Belize to that group would doom Belize; we have not fully recovered from Price, Musa and Fonseca.  Imagine no more new bridges, markets, streets, roads, drains, stadiums, schools, poverty alleviation projects... Instead it would be back to bloated contracts, infant scholarships, accommodation agreements and superbonds!  Yes, the PUP really takes us all for fools – except we are already getting ready to vote no PUP,ever!

Will the thieving PUP kindly remind the Belizean voters where the $45,000,000.00 from Spain that was to go to the University of Belize actually ended up?  Who pocket that BIG money?

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